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A Love, vaster than Life itself!

These days I feel more than ever I am called to release the suffering of a long long time.

Personal and collective.

As a pisces Sun I have been susceptible to linger to pain for long periods of time- holding into the collective suffering, making it my own.

Depression has been my dearest friend for years and years.

Amidst all the challenges we are going through as a species, I am experiencing moments of Grace, Joy and Ecstasy without apparent cause.

My tears have been coming back every day.

But not the suffering.

My pain has turned into a sensual dance.

A lover’s song.

A devotional prayer.

It moves me from within.

It intoxicates my senses.

It takes me by the waist and swings me gently or shakes me vigorously until no-thing remains of me.

Until my shame and guilt leave this dance.

Until only the Dance remains.

And a deep deep sense of Awe.

A deep Wonder to the Mystery of Life.

A Love, vaster than Life itself.

Photo @Barroco_Tribal

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