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A n g e l ~ W o m e n ~ S o u l s

~Souls don’t have a gender. This post can be applied to Men also~

Today I want to write about those Women.

A specific category of Women I come across often in my Life.

The Angelic Souls who emit high frequency love, joy and compassion, wherever they set their foot.

Those Women who have a hard time landing in this 3D reality.

They come from a place of pure Love and they have come here to birth the Light and to anchor deeper into their Soul’s skin.

Those Women come to me often, or I come to them.

They are often raised in families where their gifts haven’t been appreciated.

They usually have had a hard time conforming to old structures and archaic educational models.

They have tried too hard to be integrated and accepted by a patriarchal system, harmful to their Soul.

They have often felt useless, unheard, unseen.

They have felt inadequate, less of, or too much.

They have been told to try harder.

Their gifts are not of this world.

They may not have thrived at formal academic settings.

They are usually highly empathic.

Artists of the Heart.

They can be clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, highly intuitive.

Many times they get overwhelmed by their high sensitivity and have the tendency to absorb other people’s emotions.

They have often felt lost and not belonging.

They have been prone to depression, emotional eating or sugar addiction.

Their high empathy and natural healing inclination often makes them a vibrational match for people who are in need of healing.

They often step into toxic/ abusive/ codependent relationships, and step out when they finally choose to awaken to their sovereignty and start to love themselves first.

Many times the most challenging step is to break the pattern of receiving love through their role as healers, peacemakers etc as they did in their family.

The most painful step for those Angel Souls is to break the mask of the good girl, to remove from their systems other people’s voices, the societal and family expectations.

Heal their relationship with their inner child.

What they came to learn is that, no matter what they do, their angelic inheritance is not at stake.

On the contrary, they came to learn the Wild Woman ways;

become fully embodied.

Reclaim their humanness, their instinctual nature, their healthy boundaries and sense of Self.

They came to reestablish their inner authority.

Their Soul Queen Essence.

Find their place in the world,

come all the way down down down to planet earth.

Dare to become human!

Dare to fall passionately in love with this existence!

Come to terms with the idea that some people may not like them.

Speak their Truth anyway.

Raise their Voice.

Become raw and pure, merge with the sacred Soil, merge with their sacred Mission.

Fully present

Fully grounded

Without compromising their softness

Without needing other peoples' approval

Know that they are lovable, no matter what.

Love all the parts they consider unlovable about themselves.

Integrate their darkness.

Until they can look each person in the eyes

And say “This is me. I love myself. I don’t care if you love me, cause I love myself..”

(To be continued…)

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