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Notes from India

How long have you been running away from yourself?

From a young age most of us have developed a personality through which we receive love. Usually, very far from our Essence.

Gradually we lose touch with ourselves completely

In our culture we are so well trained to avoid feeling our emotions. Taking the gaze away from whatever contains pain

There are countless ways we run away from It

Numbing through substances, medicating, meditating, shopping, overeating, scrolling down, netflixing, pleasing, playing small, codepending, spiritually bypassing

Yet, pain is the way to Love

Uncomfortable emotions contain the nectar of Life

We are so keen to fool ourselves, again and again

Sooner or later we are called to return back home

Our emotions are our compass of this sacred journey

Sitting with our pain


Accepting some difficult realities about ourselves

Welcoming back the exiled parts of ourselves

Facing our deepest fears

Our deepest darkness

Giving up our personal story and all the stories in our head

Start disappointing the others around us

Loosing friends and followers

Giving up all attachments

Material possessions, toxic relationships

Successes and losses

Outer expectations

Even giving up our beauty

The need to be loved through our role

Breaking through the persona

Finally feeling worthy to be loved

For who we are

Exactly as we are

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