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On our truth being revealed

I have studied children education because I wanted to help children reveal their true colours, trust their unique gifts, unfold their God- given potential.

Deep down I wanted to heal my inner child, return to a state of authenticity, connection, aliveness and trust.

I have been struggling with authenticity for the most part of my life.

I could feel a certain tension each time I was surrounded by people- with very few exceptions.

Back then I thought I had a difficult time with people because I was deeply empathetic and also kind of introvert.

While this may be the case, the real reason behind avoiding being with people too often was that I did not trust myself to relax enough in my body, to allow myself to be fully me!

I felt responsible to accommodate my way of being according to the needs or even preferences of the person(s) in my surrounding.

I felt always responsible for their well- being, constantly adapting myself to what I would guess was appropriate to say or do.

People who suffer from the people- pleaser epidemic, usually have very low self- esteem, a vague sense of identity, feel as if they need to sacrifice their well- being for others, care too much about what others think of them and need a hell of an alone time to discharge the tension and reconnect to themselves!

It really feels like a full- time job.

The good news is that sooner or later you get sick of it… of wearing all those masks, limiting roles and fake smiles.

If only we would tell our children that they are perfectly ok just the way they are… what a great gift that would be for their lives!

If only we would offer our love unconditionally to them… reassuring them that there is nothing they could possibly do that would take our love away from them.

We need free, healthy, self-loving individuals, who are in a position to serve themselves first, state their needs clearly, reveal their truth, going out of the darkness and into the world!

The world needs our truth, our rawness, our undivided Selfhood.

Each and every one of us has a story to tell worth listening to!

Open the door of your personal prison, go out.

Speak your truth.

Shine your light.

You are enough.

You are loved and protected.

You have always been.

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