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On Self- Confidence

Self confidence means to show up as you are.

No matter your looks, whether you are black, white, tall, short, skinny, have a big nose or not, no matter what you do with your life, no matter how many talents you have, how many certificates or how many digits in your bank account.

Self- confidence is about being brave and vulnerable enough to show up with all that you are, exactly as you are.

It is about recognizing your uniqueness, without the need to prove or justify your existence to anyone.

It is about a conscious decision to choose self- love with each breath, in each moment.

It is about feeling enough in your bones, having enough self- respect to tell people who are harmful to you to fuck off.

Sometimes it is indeed the most spiritual thing you can say to someone.

You don’t owe your existence to anyone other than yourself, you are the one responsible for your well- being and happiness.

Trust the love inside your heart.

Ask to be guided by this love.

Gradually all barriers will fall apart and the real you will shine through.

Photography by Rita Muensterkoetter

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