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Put your Wildness in the service of Love

Allow your voice to come out like a cascade, like a wild river, like a sacred fire.

Unless your Fire is expressed, it is about to burn down da house.

So, do it!

Express your anger, your pain, your shame, your confusion, let those birds out of the cage.

You don't need to hide anymore.

Forget pretty.

Forget pleasing others.

F@&* perfection.

Please your soul.

Look the world into the eyes and be real.

Say what you think, without second guesses.

Give voice to your inner girl.

What is there that needs to come out of your system?

Let it out.

Say what you need even if it sounds stupid.

Even if your honesty intimidates others.

Even if certain people get offended.

When your voice opens, your heart begins to heal.

Today say no to whatever keeps you small.

Embrace your instinctual nature and offer it in the service of the One Heart.

Roar shamelessly, unapologetically.

Like Nature does.

Be Her.

Be her clear mirror.

Be Nature.

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