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Reclaiming pleasure

One message that has been coming to me this past summer is, “It is ok to be happy”.

How much had I disconnected from my natural state, giving away my birthright, by all the accumulated guilt and shame surrounding pleasure in this and many more lifetimes.

Like many of us, I was raised with the unspoken rule that girls shouldn’t talk too loud, always look pretty but not too sensual, laugh with other peoples’ jokes, even if they suck, be nice and modest, say “thank-you” and “I’m sorry” hundred times a day.

Institutionalized religion has taught us to be “self-less” and “sacrifice” ourselves for the others, in order to be good Christians, thus denying us our basic need of self significance.

Many of our grandmothers have “sacrificed” themselves in order to keep their spouses and other members of the family happy, sadly forgetting their own connection to joy, cutting themselves off from their instincts and ultimately from Source.

We have such a heavy collective memory of feminine suppression and trauma, which made us numb to our rich emotional world, to our capacity to experience joy, to laugh, cry, howl at the moon and back.

In other words, it has made us numb to embrace the totality of our existence.

Instead, we have deemed ourselves busy, running around like talking heads, completely disembodied, like half humans.

But it’s never too late. We have come to the doorstep of a new beginning to rewrite the first page of our existence, a new paradigm of life.

“It is ok to be happy”.

We have come so far as to remember our true nature.

Deep down and beyond all layers of shame, false moralism, and judgment lives a creature ready to be loved.

She knows exactly what she needs and is not afraid to ask. She is as pure and soft as the heart of a child, completely unapologetic and untamed, committed to a life of Self-hood.

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