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S O U L O N G I N G S *Indian Diaries*#3

According to the Amazonian tribes, a sickness is like a strict Mother.

She usually brings us back in contact with ourselves, to face everything we are avoiding to face.

To give attention to those darker places.

To come back to our self- respect.

When we lie in the bed of pain, unable to perform simple tasks,

We have no choice.

We surrender to a higher wisdom.

I have realised that people with control issues or loose boundaries, people who don’t know how to express their needs and people pleasers are very often sick.

I haven’t been sick for a while, until I was too busy with the world and I forgot myself.

Until I was trying to attend the needs of the others and I completely forgot my own.

Until I skipped my self love rituals, considering them superfluous and time consuming.

Until the attention of a man, who I didn’t even particularly like, put me in this dangerous high, like a drug state.

And I couldn’t help but wonder,

What makes us give our power away?

As a person who has abandoned herself in all possible ways in the past,

I have tracked where it comes from.

I have traced the root cause, that is always the same:

Disconnection from the Source.

And of course Nature has her ways to bring us back to balance.

When you look at Nature,

Everything is so intrinsically connected

There is no effort, no striving.

When you look at a flower,

The flower is not interested to be liked.

She emits the fragrance of heavens,

even though nobody will ever smell it.

My Prayer for today is to remember ourselves as this Flower

So naturally self loving

Not overworking or comparing herself

Not apologising for her Beauty

Not trying to be appreciated

Just being

Just being

A flower doesn’t give a fuck!

She transmits the Light of her Creator

In outmost Purity and Sovereignty

If someone notices her, or gives her a compliment,

It comes as a pleasant surprise

It is irrelevant to her inner state of Bliss

My closing statement is the following:

We all came to this world to become Love

To love all those parts in us that didn’t know how to be loved in the past

What an extraordinary opportunity!

To release all the voices that have told us that we are anything less than Love!

To release the voices that have told us that we don’t belong

And, worst of all, that we are not deserving of Pleasure and Joy!

Time to give it all back to where they came from.

Celebrate our death.

Be reborn as this Flower.

Today, beloved, I ask you to look at yourself through the eyes of Love

Give this appreciation to yourself, that you are longing to receive from the outside

Thank yourself

Celebrate yourself

You are a Divine Creation

photo by Rebecca_Tribal

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