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S o u l o n g i n g s *Indian Diaries #4*

This Lifetime is an amazing opportunity to recognise ourselves as Love.

To recognise that we came from Love, that we are the fruit of Love between the Earth and the Sky, to feel ourself as a channel of this Divine Love

During my lockdown in India I realised what a wonderful opportunity Life gives you when you get triggered

When you have a conflict with someone

When you feel somebody is not appreciating you enough

When abandonment issues came up.

When your fear comes up

When your pain body is showing up

When you feel not chosen

I have found ways to trace my way back to myself

Back to my emotional flow

And in this time I had plenty opportunities to practice in a live laboratory

The art of not abandoning myself

Starting from taking radical responsibility for this experience

So, when those issues come up, I go into Ceremony with myself.

I breath in Life and I allow everything to come up

I become intimate with all my parts

I allow my anger as a creative force

I allow my sadness as a creative force

I go into those places where I don’t give myself the appreciation or the Love I deserve

I go into all my parts that may feel numbness or pain

I connect to my dance and to my breath

I invite Life to penetrate me to my core

I allow myself to express all the pain, anger or frustration that is involved.

Until I have shaken everything that is between myself and Life

Until I connect the Sky and the Earth in my own body,

Until I allow Love to flow

Until I restore the primal union of my parents within

Until I tap back into the Source

Until I remember myself as Love

Until I fall on my knees in Gratitude

In ecstasy of this Divine opportunity to be alive,

In awe of this Gift to be in a Woman’s body

Until my Heart opens in Gratitude to all people that help me remember myself

Gratitude to my Parents

Gratitude to my Humanness

To all my Wounds as doorways

To the Light

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