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Self- compassion

Why is it so easy to show compassion towards other people and so difficult to do so for our own sake?

Why are we so blind towards our own beauty and innocence?

The other day I received a video in which me and another woman perform a dance.

We both loved each other’s performance but we found faults in our own dancing. This triggered some childhood memories, especially during the period of adolescence.

A time that I didn’t like anything about myself.

I felt ugly, good for nothing and never seemed to fit.

I was extremely shy, felt I had nothing to say, that my qualities were not appreciated, like something was wrong with me.

I felt I didn’t deserve love, unless I would prove the opposite.

I was living under a constant state of self- humiliation and would use any mistake I made to prove my defect.

Boundaries and self- worth were unknown words.

It has been a long journey towards self- compassion.

A long journey to recognize the subtle inner violence, making more room for self- love and self- expression.

Tuning into the energy of the Heart and start expressing my gifts without the need to be perfect.

Sing, dance, make art, do whatever sets my soul free.

Even if it is imperfect.

Even if it intimidates others.

Even if others get offended by my boldness.

Speak the truth.

We are collectively thirsty for self- compassion.

Tired of emptying ourselves to please others.

Tired of self- bullying, over-eating our emotions, demanding too much from ourselves.

I keep meeting people, especially women, under a constant stress of performance.

Am I good enough?

Did I please enough so that others like me?

Prostituting the self for crumbs of attention and love.

My prayer for this New Era in is for all humans to be more compassionate towards themselves, even in their worst moments.

For all of us to love ourselves with such wild intensity, that violence has no more might.

To learn to hold our own hand as tenderly as we hold the hand of our lover.

To worship the self, just like angels worship us.

Without expectations, judgements or demands.

With astounding compassion.

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