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S o u l c o n v e r s a t i o n s *Travel Diaries*

(Those days, and with so many planets retrograde, I am revisiting parts of my past.

I have been wanting to share some of them...)

Society has done a good job at numbing out Women, taming them to become a lesser version of themselves.

In my early 20s I used to be mad at my own upbringing that I wasn’t taught how to protect myself and set clear boundaries.

Travelling, mainly by myself, I was faced again and again with my naive heart and I have broken down many times until my instincts became sharpened and until I learnt to trust my gut feeling.

This world has been hard to follow.

I was mad I was falling back to the persona of the nice girl, again and again.

I was mad that I could empathise with the perpetrator and not with myself.

I was mad that I chose to attend the needs of the other first.

Not having a strong sense of “I am” and allowing to be dragged around by the other people’s opinions.

Especially those self- proclaimed Gurus.

Travelling has been the most important school, I could have ever attended.

Doing so, in a committed way.

Committed to surrender all the false constructions around my true essence.

Commit to come to terms with my anger and let it transform me once and for all.

During my solo travels throughout my 20s I have learned to look behind the masks of the people.

(Including my own falsehood.)

Look into their eyes and read the intentions beyond appearances.

I have learnt how to distinguish a dirty smile of a man in the street from a pure one.

And occupy my space.

Speak up in the face of injustice around me and become more outspoken, even stricter when needed.

Respect myself more.

Offer my smile only to those I genuinely feel called to connect.

Not out of any social construct.

Use my voice for those who don’t have a voice.

And, finally be able to create more intimacy with myself and the others.

This world became a softer and safer place, as my instincts came into place.

I have even decided to stay. (Laughing face)

A teacher of mine once said to me, "there is no intimacy without clear boundaries."

And this goes out to everything.

With what is currently happening around the world, especially with the black Community rising to claim their birthright to freedom and equality,

I feel we are all called to use our Voices for ourselves as much as for the Other.

Set clear boundaries that honor our Soul.

Recognise all spiritual bypassing in us and muster the courage to face the shadows of this world

Love our most wounded self

Break up with situations that are insensitive to our Soul.

Reclaim our creative Life force

Use our Voice for the Earth that is being rapped daily.

Use our Voice against the sexual exploitation of OUR children.

Use our Voice for the indigenous wisdom and cultural heritage of our planet to be protected.

Use our Voice to teach our children the importance of self love.

Use our Voice to plant seeds of Love to the Hearts and Minds of people around us.

Offer our undivided presence to those who need it the most.

And merge with the Beauty around us,

Any chance given.

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