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Our Mission


Our Mission is for every Woman to feel at home in her body and allow her natural gifts, unique Colors and Beauty to be expressed.

We create timeless designs using soft and sustainable fabrics in unique colors!

We have designs for all body types, flattering the natural shape of all Women.


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Why Long Skirts

The use of long skirts especially by Women, is part of the Tradition of many Indigenous tribes. From the ancient times it was known that wearing a skirt has energetic benefits and spiritual roots.


Wearing a long skirt connects us to the energy of Mother Earth. Due to their physical and energetic anatomy, Women are very open to receive the energy in their sexual-creative centre, feel nourished and rejuvenated.


A long skirt almost touching the ground forms a sacred Triangle, helping us release the old energies from the sacral area, help us ground and elevate our frequency. It gives us space to move and play with the extra fabric, feel the freedom of opening our Wings, enhances our self- Confidence and help us connect to the Lightness and Joy of existence.


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