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About Sophia


​Sophia has graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with focus on Psycholinguistics.

In her travels she has studied various ancestral traditions of Yoga (Hatha and Kundalini Yoga 500hrs TTC) and Dance as Healing, and has focused on Oriental dance, Flamenco and Gypsy Dance.

In her work she is weaving together ancient lineages of Wisdom, emotional healing and nervous system regulation.

She works mainly with the female energy system, through dance, by restoring physical and energetic balance in the pelvic bowl, and helping Women to reconnect with the sacred Feminine Essence.

She holds space for Women to explore the deep and natural wisdom inherent in the female body, a depth of belonging, compassion, forgiveness, self- appreciation and love.

She is also guiding people to find the "Colors of the Soul" , a deep Initiation into the realms of personal power.

She has recently created her own brand made mainly from sustainable materials, where she combines her Love for conscious fashion and Colors!

She offers Workshops and Retreats in Greece and abroad.

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