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Medicine Dance

Medicine dance

“Dancing beyond mere aesthetics, as a way to merge with the Truth of the Body and express your sacred Wild nature and endless Creativity.”

Deeply rooted, sensual and devotional dance practices inspired by ancient dance traditions of Feminine empowerment, like Kalbelia gypsy, Flamenco and Bellydance.

What is Medicine Dance?

Primal movements and dynamic sequences accompanied by the rhythm of African percussion.

Powerful Foot- work and arm combinations inspired by Flamenco and barefoot gypsy dances

Serpentine sequences 

Holistic Movement, Authentic expression, Sacred Voice Liberation


Weekly Classes


Life Force Activation_ Womb Medicine Dance (online) is part of Birthing the Light Journey, updated version!

It is a Journey of 6 months culminating in our Alchemy of Love Retreat (6-10 of July in Nafplio)


In this Journey we will work on activating our vitality, Shakti, Womb power.

Many times fear and other unresolved emotions paralyze our Life force and Radiance.
In Womb Medicine Dance, we open up to our vulnerability, giving space to all emotions to be felt, including our sadness or disappointment and fear, melting whatever rigidity and opening up to true connection, self Love and Joy.

In this 6- month Training we will;

  • Experience deep Rooting Earth practices

  • Connect to the wisdom of our Womb…

  • Move the ancestral or stagnant energy that resides in our pelvic bowl…

  • Open our Heart to be moved in gentleness, letting our feelings work through us, alchemizing all emotions into pure Love and Devotion.

  • Soften the Womb and Heart and create an energetic connection between the two.

  • Learn dancing sequences that empower and nourish our Feminine Nature

Ignite our sensuality and primordial power within us…
Bringing the body back to its essential flow…
Birthing new Light into Being while
Creating new chemistry in our body and DNA.
Our Dance volabulary is inspired by tribal dances, Flamenco, Khalbelia Gypsy dance, Oriental dance, Mystical Dance and other.
We will also use warming up sequences inspired by Feminine Yoga.

Classes take place EVERY THURSDAY at 12.00 (time in Greece)
For the whole 6month Journey, the price is 222euros.
The monthly tuition is 50 euros. Drop-in 15eu.

We are giving away two half Scholarships for those who currently cannot afford the whole amount. You can apply at*
(Scholarships available for the online Journey)

Recordings will be available if someone cannot attend the Live session.


Feminine Awakening Dance 2Day Immersion in London.png

Feminine Awakening Dance_ 2Day Immersion (London)

We are called to awaken the Beauty, invite Love to penetrate our Hearts.
In this 2day Workshop we will immerse ourselves into the Healing Power and Beauty of Dance!
We will sweat, laugh and cry, move the heavy, stuck energy in our Bodies, nourish our deepest Essence, drink from our own Nectar… and remember ourselves as the Love that we are!
Dancing, beyond mere aesthetics, can function as a medium of deep transformation, emotional purification and reconnection to the Soul.

In this 2day Immersion we will:

  • Move and clean our feminine waters, release old stagnant energy and open up to our Vitality

  • Experiment with the capacity of our Body to open to pleasure

  • Nourish our sensuality and restore our connection to the Heart~ Womb~Throat through beautiful rituals and ancestral practices.

  • Activate the primordial creative centre of our Womb and harmonize with the universal forces.

  • Learn how to clean and protect our energy and set healthy boundaries through the body

  • Connect to our male and female ancestral line and restore our sense of belonging and trust

  • Alchemise the past pain in a safe space of sisterhood, and invite sovereignty, wisdom and clarity for our Life.

  • This work ripples through us to contribute to the healing of our ancestral lineage, as well as of the planet.

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