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Medicine Dance

Medicine dance

“Dancing beyond mere aesthetics, as a way to merge with the Truth of the Body and express your sacred Wild nature and endless Creativity.”

Deeply rooted, sensual and devotional dance practices inspired by ancient dance traditions of Feminine empowerment, like Kalbelia gypsy, Flamenco and Bellydance.

What is Medicine Dance?

Primal movements and dynamic sequences accompanied by the rhythm of African percussion.

Powerful Foot- work and arm combinations inspired by Flamenco and barefoot gypsy dances

Serpentine sequences 

Holistic Movement, Authentic expression, Sacred Voice Liberation


Weekly Classes

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Medicine Dance - Union of Polarities

Every Thursday 12.00- 13.30 (time in Greece)

 11 Online Session till the 13th of July 

Super Promo Price 111 euro for all of them.

Every Friday 20.00-21.30 in person in Athens!

About the Sessions:

During the Medicine Dance sessions we spiral into the depths of our Womb and Heart, receiving the Medicine of our Essence.

The Soil of our Womb is not a place to store the pain, guilt and unworthiness, emotions of other people, or past lovers.

It is a fertile void of regeneration in all levels.

It is a Portal of manifestation.

This Circle of 11 Sessions focuses on unifying Polarities; On the Integration of our Soul and our Ego. On returning to the beginning, to the Source of Creative Energy inside our Body- Temples.

In these 8 Weeks we will:

  • Experience deep Rooting Dance practices

  • Move the ancestral or stagnant energy that resides in our pelvic bowl

  • Open our Heart to be moved in gentleness, letting our feelings work through us, alchemizing all emotions into pure Love and Devotion.

  • Soften the Womb and Heart and create an energetic connection between the two.

  • Learn dancing sequences that empower and nourish our Feminine Nature

Ignite our sensuality and primordial power within us, bringing the body back to its essential flow;
Birthing new Light into Being while
Creating new chemistry in our body and DNA.

Our Dance volabulary is inspired by tribal dances, Flamenco, Khalbelia Gypsy dance, Oriental dance, Mystical Dance and other.

We will also use warming up sequences inspired by Yoga.

There is so much Beauty when Wo- men are coming home to their bodies!

Looking forward to dancing with all of you!

(Recordings will be available if someone cannot attend the Live session.)

Sophia Chalkidou is a holistic dancer and student of Life.
She works mainly with the female energy system, through dance, by restoring physical and energetic balance in the pelvic bowl, and helping Women to reconnect with the sacred feminine Essence.
In her Workshops she holds space for Women to explore the wisdom inherent in the female body, a depth of belonging, compassion, forgiveness, self- appreciation and love.
She offers her annual Retreat Alchemy of Love in Nafplio, Greece.

Healing Art by Leanne Taiki Anawa
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Alchemy of Love Retreat II_ Sacred Unity Dance

JULY 7-9
Sacred Unity Dance

“We are walking each other home..”

Men and Women are coming together in this 3-Day Retreat to dance as a prayer of our shared Heart.

We are coming together to alchemise the pain of the past, to allow ourselves to be witnessed and acknowledged in our truth, to release past narratives of separation and dominance.

We come together to embody both masculine and feminine energies inside ourselves and share from a place of wholeness.

We come together to explore ourselves and our interaction with “the other” in a conscious dance practice and to open ourselves to a deeper, healthier kind of Love.

We are calling in:

You who longs for honouring, embracing and dancing your own heart, the space in which divinity meets humanness.

You who honours vulnerability & authenticity trusting in the healing power of Union residing within us all.

You who wants to be deeply empowered and reclaim the sacredness & lost power through rituals, ancient wisdom, emotional alchemy & ceremony.

You who longs to use your energy & gifts for the highest good of oneness beyond any separation.

You who wants to keep coming back home to your essence and from there rebuild the trust in community and offer a sanctuary for all.

Gifts of the experience:

- Medicine Dance
A reprogramming of our DNA through pleasure, liberating stagnant energy, gently removing the armors that we have put on, that separate us from the Love that we are.

- Sacred Ceremony
Reconnecting with the ancient universal wisdom of ritual & ceremony, reclaiming sacredness and the sense of tribe.

- The container/ Safe space
A co-created field for you to feel safe to be as you are in the moment and share your soul's light.

- Authentic expression
A container honouring and supporting your unique colours, beauty and gifts.

- Connection & Intimacy
Exploring conscious relating with yourself and interaction with " the other",
reclaiming community and the sense of belonging.

- Emotional Alchemy
We will cultivate emotional resilience through deep attunement & nourishment of our body vessels as well as igniting our sacred fire of self worth

- Surroundings/ time for integration
Free time in between sessions& ceremonies for integration, rest , swimming and sunbathing.

- Ecstatic Dance Celebration
Last day of the retreat is dedicated to celebration. We celebrate through allowing our bodies to move and express whatever is alive in the moment in a setting of a conscious dance party.

The Retreat will be held at the "Triton" hotel at a distance of 10 min walk from the sea, which has a beautiful space for our practice with wooden floor and mirrors, a swimming pool as well as camping area( 10 min walk from the retreat space) that offers access to Nature & the opportunity to stay in treehouses or your own tent.

For more information:

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