Your True Colors

Your True Colors


Colors are Divine Light energy

Colors speak directly to the Soul

Colors carry a vibration which is either compatible to us or not

What most people don´t know is that the Colors we wear can greatly influence our life, our auric field, and the way we present ourselves in the world.

What is Your True Colors individual journey?

Your True Colors is a method based on the life work of Rita Münsterkötter with colors: Farben Fühlen (www.farbenfü

During your individual session of YourTrueColors which lasts around 3-4 hours, you get to experience different Colors with your eyes closed. After experiencing each color you open your eyes and look into the mirror in front of you. We observe how the face changes with the different colors.

By the end of the color journey you will gain much clarity as to which colors can support you in your life, can help you feel more grounded, empowered, calm and beautiful in your unique Essence.

In the end of the journey you receive your individual palette, with all the colors of your radiance.

Your true colours Testimonials

Katerina Andronikidou, Thessaloniki.

"My experience with YourTrueColors was a moment that would open a new period or perhaps a new era in my life. We usually place our lives before and after an important event. We say, for example, this was before I gave birth to my daughter or after finishing my studies. With this experience, the perception of myself within the environment changed radically, as I started to discover my personal Colors... It came to me like a wave which purifies and rejuvenates. Since I started to wear my Colors, everyone tells me how much I've changed."