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Feminine Yoga

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Feminine Yoga

Feminine Yoga is a playful dance and movement format, inspired by Yoga, Bellydance, Sacred and Tantric practices for Women.

Our body holds the elixir of renewal, tonification, rejuvenation.


It helps calm our nervous system, clear fear and harmonise our energy system.

This format is amazing for our physical body, while purifying our mind, freeing stagnant energy and boosting our immunity, Life force energy and mood.

Benefits of the Feminine Yoga practice:

  • Offers core strength and deeper body awareness

  • Focuses on exhalation, on our ability to release and surrender

  • Helps to release blockages from the pelvis and chest area

  • Helps us reconnect with our sensual nature and our ability to receive pleasure

  • Helps us connect to our divine feminine essence and womb wisdom

  • Is an excellent preparation for dance and authentic expression

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