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Medicine Dance

Medicine Dance

“Dancing beyond mere aesthetics, as a way to merge with the Truth of the Body and express your sacred Wild nature and endless Creativity.”

Deeply rooted, sensual and devotional dance practices inspired by ancient dance traditions of Feminine empowerment, like Kalbelia gypsy, Flamenco and Bellydance.

What is Medicine Dance?

  • Primal movements and dynamic sequences accompanied by the rhythm of African percussion.

  • Powerful Foot- work and arm combinations inspired by Flamenco and barefoot gypsy dances

  • Serpentine sequences 

  • Holistic Movement, Authentic expression, Sacred Voice Liberation

Photo: Barocco_Tribal

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Sacred Feminine Archetypes


"The most immediate and powerful way to unlock the energies of the sacred Feminine is through the technologies of Goddess practices" -Sally Kempton

Goddesses embody profound Transformative power.

Each Goddess who belongs to different ancient traditions embodies different qualities; for example Durga embodies our warrior spirit and helps us set clear boundaries, Kali embodies fierceness and helps us express our anger, Aphrodite stands for sensuality and connects us to our ability to receive pleasure, Kuan- Yin reminds us of our compassionate nature...

Working with different Goddess Archetypes helps us connect to our inner force, explore hidden aspects of ourselves and enhance our inner gifts.

We explore Goddess Archetypes through:

  • Dancing

  • Holistic Movement and Embodiment practices

  • Drama and artistic Expression

  • Shadow work

  • Rituals of Feminine Beauty and Adoration

  • Chants

  • Goddess Meditations

Photo credits: Barocco_Tribal

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